Number of companies Growth Audited: 98

Growth Auditor. Clearer strategy. Faster growth.

During a one-month and three-step process, Growth Auditor evaluates your company’s growth strategy, compares it to peers, improves it and turns it into a concrete action plan.


The lead user orders the Growth Auditor process, signs up online and fills in the basic data about the company.


Key persons in the organization chosen by the lead user will gain access to a 30-minute online questionnaire specially customized for the company and industry. The results are analyzed and summarized.


The respondents are invited to a workshop facilitated by an experienced management consultant. The outcome is an in-depth understanding of the company’s situation compared to peers and a concrete action plan for company growth.


Ready to Grow!

The outcome of the Growth Auditor process is a shared view on strategy and growth priorities and an agreed set of related action points.

Growth Auditor helps you grow successfully

Growth Auditor is a one-month and three-step process that enables efficient and implementable company growth. The aim of Growth Auditor is to facilitate management discussion on key topics related to strategy, growth, resources and prioritization. The process suits companies regardless of size, industry or geographic origin. 

Growth Auditor has been developed by leading academics and consultants with a vast experience in growth strategy issues. Growth Auditor is being used by companies ranging from startups to large multinational stock-listed companies. A key value  of the Growth Auditor is benchmarking of companies' results, allowing it to track performance both against peers and its own development over a longer period of time.

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Ilmari Vallo, CEO, DataCenter Finland

- The process was just what we needed to start creating a stronger base for our future growth.

Oskari Lehtonen, Investor, HappyOrNot Ltd

- I clearly see the value of the Growth Auditor process for companies with international growth ambitions.